Canned Beer: It’s not Bad, it’s the Future

Canned beer is the future and I love living in the future. Wait. Isn’t canned beer of lesser quality than its brother the bottle?  I've seen the ads. It has to be a brown bottle and the carrier has to cover the bottles up to the cap. The answer is NO, in fact there are many advantages that cans have over bottles. They stack easy, they protect the precious nectar from light poisoning, they chill quicker, hikers appreciate them, and you can drink them around the pool. For the brewers and distributors, cans are also cheaper than bottles, lighter to ship, and are made of more sustainable material. There are also aluminum bottles that have the advantage of screw-on caps. Cans also tend to be available in 16oz in addition to 12oz and 24oz varieties. Not that there is anything wrong with 22oz bombers. There is an ever increasing number of craft beers being offered up in a can and the myth of a metallic taste being imparted to the beer from the can is just that, a myth. The cans are coated so the metal never touches the beer, and have you ever complained about a metallic taste from your draft beers (stored in a big metal keg)?  Cans will play an important role is the craft beer industry over the next 5  few years. Many craft breweries are canning already and you should try some that are widely available:  Oskar Blues and Avery, for example. New Belgium started canning in 2008 and the demand was so high they expanded their space and equipment and then sold the old line to Cigar City in Tampa (a must try) who will soon be rolling out their higher volume beers in cans. Intuition Ale Works in Jacksonville was recently first in Florida to start canning and we recently posted that Tampa Bay Brewing started to can it's Old Elephant Foot IPA last week. If you need more sources for your next beach party check out the Craft Cans site. Also many imported beers are in cans, Guinness, Tetley’s, Boddingtons (with the patented widget since the late 60's), Warsteiner, Sapporo, and my favorite beer “YEBISU” all come in cans. So, long story short (too late!) Canned beers are the future and you should embrace the future.  

Sam Adams Plans Sports Beer for Boston Marathon

The Boston Herald reports that Sam Adams has brewed up a beer in partnership with the Boston Marathon. They've lowered ABV slightly and lightened the body. Hopefully more details regarding the style is coming. Only going to be available in and around the marathon route, however. Hacking Beer's Eric Steimle is a runner. Perhaps a road trip is in order.

Good People Brewing Company

Good People's brewery is located in the warehouse district close to the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Their catch phrase Legally brewing beer since 2008 indicates that they had been brewing for a long time before Free the Hops successfully lobbied the change of the prohibitionist laws in Alabama. The signature yellow pick-up truck, now featured in their logo, was for years a very welcomed sight at local events. Continue reading "Good People Brewing Company"