The Long Tail of Craft Beer

Craft Breweries are able to take advantage of a wider range of products that the larger brewers have ignored, that is until recently.  This allows a brewery to have a relatively small number of highly successful beers and a line of specialty beers with lower volumes but meet the demand palate of the craft beer drinker.  There has been a shift in the traditional brick and mortar storefront stocking of beer with more room being given to specialty beers. We have seen gas stations and convenience store with  beer selections that rival traditional beer outlets.  Craft Beer bars are popping up rapidly across the country and are happy to fill the demanding palate of their customers with a large rotating inventory of specialty beers and lower volume brands where Rare = Good. Take a look at the following link to read the full story from Beverage Trade Network.

MIMO for your Beer?

I can't believe it did not work. You mean you can't recreate the full flavor of a well crafted beer by adding a few drops of syrup. I would like to try this but luckily I don't have to because the guys at RedyEye did it for us. Now, what I think a hop addition would work, sorta like a liquid Randall.  Have you ever dropped fresh hops into your beer? What other flavoring might work? Fruits? Smoke? Chocolate?

OnTap liquid beer enhancer

Beer Sippy cup?

Okay, We have the adult version of a Caprisun package  from Beer Pouch. Now we have the Sippy Cup from Brew2go.  The image below is from an article on the American Craft Beer website, titled "Your New Craft Beer Sippy Cup". Anyone see a problem with the picture? Photoshop anyone? I know I know, they took from the Product Farm website but still, a little Photoshop goes along ways.  I'll will update on how well they work 😉

Yeah, we know it's a Pabst...but it works for non-crap beer too...