Washington State’s Proposed Tax to hit Nanobreweries

Recently we discussed the excise tax issue that happened in New York and there are a keg full of article about the impact of the craft beer movement on local and state economies.  I have been saying that when the Politician realize that they can make more money by taxing the small guys more, they will. I am starting to think that the big Breweries and Distributors are starting to lobby their politician more aggressively and are targeting the smaller guys. the following is from  "American Craft Beer.com"   "Washington State’s Proposed Beer Tax To Include Nanobreweries (Olympia, WA) – It’s enough to make you drink! There’s been a lot of talk about Washington State Governor Jay Inslee’s proposed beer tax, and Danny Westneat’s Seattle Times piece details yet another troubling aspect of this idea. Seems the Governor’s proposed excise tax travels all the way down the food chain from the state’s big brewers to even the smallest brewers, known to many as nanobreweries. According to Westneat, street-level brewers that brew as little as three barrels a week could see their per barrel taxes jacked up by 325% - more than quadrupling the current rate!"

Top 10 States Making the Most Money on Beer

With all of the recent talk about growlers and the economic impact of the Beer industry, I thought this article would fit very well. Florida shows up at 8th in % of State GDP but 4th overall for economic output at 14.2 BILLION.  There are a few more articles in this series, they can be found from this link. I will post them also here. The following is a quote from the article. "The beer industry in Florida contributed more than $14 billion in economic activity, more than in all but three other states. Florida had 228 brewers and beer distributors, the 10th most of all states. More than 139,000 people worked in the beer industry, more than in any other state except for California and Texas. The craft brew scene is most evident in the Tampa Bay area, with a dozen breweries in the area as of late 2012 and several more scheduled to open soon. In addition, D.G. Yuengling & Son operates a brewery in Tampa, while Jacksonville is home to one of 12 Anheuser-Busch breweries in the country. Read more: The 10 States Making the Most on Beer - 24/7 Wall St. http://247wallst.com/2013/04/01/the-10-states-making-the-most-on-beer/#ixzz2PtTLbyM7"

Beer and Civilization

There have been many articles and TV shows discussing the influence of Beer on our history and development as a species. I found this one the other day from the New York Times.  It has a few links to other articles and some Science Journals discussing Archaeological evidence of the importance of Beer in that past. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/17/opinion/sunday/how-beer-gave-us-civilization.html?_r=4&goback=%2Egde_104729_member_228654896&