Who is really opposing the Growler Amendment in Florida

Basically they are trying to shut down the Tasting rooms and get control of everything. This article explains the changes that are being proposed. Its still illegal to home brew in Alabama but you can buy growlers at many off site premises. It sells more beer. It seems that some of the Distributors are acting like the record and movie companies. (note: that "Beer Industry of Florida" has come out in support)  Will it soon be illegal to share your beer with a friend. Will you have to buy the whole line up of beers to drink the one you want. I am very disappointed at the shortsightedness of the Distributors. It appears to me this is an attack by the big boys to stifle the craft beer industry, slow down its growth and allow In Bev to gain back 0.001% of the market without having to purchase a craft brewery (Goose Island ring any bells? no, not Bell's). I will be drinking beers from the below list until this is finished. Lets hope its soon because Brown is bringing in Founders next month.
image from beer-universe.com
Here are two links from Alan Shaw that describe the scene. http://www.ticketsarasota.com/2013-03-25/section/nightlife/meet-the-opponents-to-the-florida-beer-growler-bill/ and http://www.ticketsarasota.com/2013-03-25/section/nightlife/beer-growler-amendment-would-greatly-restrict-who-could-sell-them/