Six Feet Under Pub and Fish House – Atlanta

The Six Feet Under restaurant in midtown Atlanta was not what I expected. I've made dozens of trips to Atlanta over the years, but this was different. Coming from the shiny Gulf Coast, I've taken fresh great seafood for granted. Six Feet Under is a great find in a large metropolis like Atlanta. We went to the west side location. Parking leaves a little to be desired, but no surprise here and I'm used to parking issues in a tourist-based economy. Be forewarned that some nearby businesses augment their after hours income by towing patron's cars. This location is marked by a mix of new development, like Six Feet Under, and old businesses: Don't let that deter you. It is a perfectly fine place, and new development is up since my last visit to the area which was probably 4 or 5 years ago. The upper deck is partially covered and has great view owing to the pub's location on the top of the hill. What is even more welcome is a a good draft selection with local breweries represented. I like to see local business supporting each other. I started off with an Ode to Mercy draft while my wife settled on a Sweetwater Blue. They had Crispin on tap, but they were out that evening. After a short wait for or table, we made it back downstairs to the main dining room, but not without a close encounter with a waitress bearing someone's dinner on the long stairwell that leads to the upper deck. The menu is filled with a variety of modern, southern version of a fish house, without being a mess of fusion nonsense. I had to go with the Fish and Chips, but the three taco combo of  shrimp, catfish, and chicken was also tempting. Mine arrived with jalapeno hush puppies and jalapeno tartar sauce. I backed it with a Jailhouse Misdemeanor. The fish was flaky and not greasy at all. The chips were more like fries, but were more than acceptable. God's Holy Trouses, I could do shots of the the jalapeno tartar sauce. Just remarkable. I made sure to keep it southern with a side of whole fried okra. My wife enjoyed her crab cake sliders and my sister-in-law managed to work out her parchment cooked Shrimp and Scallops. Certainly, I recommend Six Feet Under for having a great seafood place far from the coast that also has a nice beer and spirit selection. Hopefully I can make time on my next visits in the fall to make it to the Grant Park Location

Don’t Forget to Support Local

This is an excellent article from All About that explains how much the craft beer industry in Oregon has contributed to the states economy. It really comes down to supporting local breweries. Try them if you don't like them fine but if you find a nice local beer, let them know and drink it. We have a lot of choices here in Florida and they are increasing rapidly. Barley Mow is coming online July 21st and Rapp Brewing is shortly thereafter. St. Pete Brewery has there beers out and Green Bench will hopefully be online next year. Everyone knows about Cigar City's success. Then there is also Cold StorageSt. Somewhere, Dunedin, 7eventh Sun,  Tampa Bay Brewering (link is to facebook page the website has a problem) and then  Big Storm Brewery, and Three Palms Brewing are starting up.  Whoops almost forgot, SwampHead, Green Room, Pensacola Bay and ....... I hope you get the point. We have local beers and they are good. What better way to be rewarded for helping the local economy than a nice refreshing beer. I think I will just have to start planning a road trip to each of the Florida breweries and do my part. Recommendations? I know I left some out, please make comments about where we should go and what we should drink.  I will put together a list with links and maybe our friends from other states can do something similar.